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UMC is the complete solution for marine container related activities in kuwait... 
including Repair & maintenance,Cleaning,Refurbishing,Storage,Handling,Conversion,Transportation,Inspection (IICL) and revalidation,Spare Parts Suppliers,Mobile workshop Units ,Reefer Container PTI & Repairs.
    • Repair & Maintenance

      UMC is the ONLY one container repair company in Kuwait and well known for the shipping companies and their local agents. The services and facilities available at UMC is the main reason for the customers to use UMC as their preferred repair shop.  The skilled and qualified work force is the assets of UMC to meet the requirement of their customers.
      UMC can do any type of repair works and capable of doing refurbishing of containers. UMC have a stock of container spare parts – especially for dry container and special equipment readily available with us. UMC is also well known in the market and in the region for the reefer repair works.
      As UMC is representing world's reefer machinery premiers line Carrier Transicold, Thermoking, Daikin Industries and Starcool etc., all the shpping lines are in need of UMC’s services in order to maintain the container’s condition and thus to protect the cargo.  That is the reason all... more

    • Inspection (IICL) &
      revalidation Service

      UMC has Certified Inspectors to provide accurate repair estimation for all damaged containers according to IICL or Customers' standards. We do inspect containers at Client's accident place to ascertain the approximate damages. All the C.S.C Due Containers are inspected thoroughly and Data Plates are re-validated. more

    • Container Conversion

      UMC is well known for the container conversion expertize in Kuwait.  We make the portable accommodation, site offices, camp offices etc. to various customers like different Military departments, construction companies, contracting companies in order to meet their different requirement.
      The specially trained staffs having good knowledge in understanding customers’ requirement made us premier in container conversion and we are sure that whoever is in need of such requirement, the first option for any customer in Kuwait is UMC only.
      Since many contracting companies are engaged in various types of construction & infrastructure development works in Kuwait, it is not possible for them to control the daily activities from their Head Office and so such sites offices are very much need for the contracting companies. As these companies are engaged in different type of activities bases on their area of expertize, UMC is able to... more

    • Container Cleaning

      Cleaning Station has 400 sq meter areas for washing bay. As and when Containers needs cleaning, our professionals will take care of all proper water wash, steam clean and chemical clean with proper materials to protect any damages to floorboards and panels. more

    • Reefer Container

      After being emptied, Containers arrive at the depot for preparation towards their next journey. UMC carry out PTI – Pre Trip Inspection before delivery and necessary repairs for Reefer Units. UMC repairs all Reefer Units and we are the Authorized Service Centre and Spare-parts Supplier for Carrier Transicold, Thermo King, Daikin and Starcool Units. more

    • Spare Parts Supplies

      UMC supplies Reefer Container and Gensets spare parts of CARRIER TRANSICOLD, THERMO KING, DAIKIN and STARCOOL units, in the Middle East.

      UMC has a well equipped warehouse and all genuine spare parts to cater the needs of the area as well as the Middle East Countries, KUWAIT strategically located for supply to other areas. more

    • Storage Supplies

      UMC’s depot facility with an area of 15,000 SQ.MT is available as storage depot, maintenance & repair work shop. The location of the depot is strategically outside Shuaiba Port’s entrance which is very accessible to all shipping lines for their easiness in related operations. UMC is the only company in Kuwait having facility to repair marine freight containers in IICL criteria.  Experienced and dedicated TEAM of staff is UMC’s strength and with their valuable prompt assistance made UMC as the customers’ most preferred & reliable partner.
      Major shipping lines such as Maersk (MSK), United Arab Shipping Co. (UASC) and other lines are availing UMC’s facilities for their benefit considering the various types of operations constraints at other storage facilities.
      The main export volume from Kuwait is EQUATE’s cargo, and so by using UMC’s facilities, the shipping line who are participating in... more

    • Handling Services

      UMC is having brand new container handling equipment of different types, make and capacity for any specific requirement. Though the container handling equipment is deployed at various other locations, we are maintaining different equipment at all the sites and so the chances for lack of handling equipment at any location is ‘NIL’. more

    • Transportation Services

      Recently UMC concentrated in transportation of containers to and from both Shuwaikh and Shuaiba Ports.  Since the shipping lines and the customers are in need of quality transportation services to meet their requirement, UMC did develop its fleet and presently have own sufficient number of  trucks and trailers to run the business.
      Major shipping lines like MAERSK, UASC, HYUNDAI, TAL and other local forwarding companies are enjoying UMC’s transportation services due to the flexibility in executing the required job.
      UMC is doing transportation of empty containers for EQUATE for various shipping lines and all these lines are happy with UMC’s promptness in completing the orders in order to meet the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of the carrier which will reflect in the service quality provided by the shipping lines for EQUATE.
      In addition to that UMC is moving the cargo to US Military camps and other main customers... more

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